Pécsi Tudományegyetem Általános Orvostudományi Kar, Transzdiszciplináris Kutatások Intézete - EIT Health RIS Hub

,,Creating exceptional values through connections"

Champion Network

As the RIS Hub of EIT Health, the Institute of Transdisciplinary Discoveries (ITD, University of Pécs, Medical School) represents local health initiatives, innovative projects, and striving applicants. In 2021, we focused our efforts primarily on increasing the number of innovative projects and involve  more clinicians. To achieve our goal we had and still have to build a close relationship with exemplary clinicians who are able to create motivation for innovation among clinicians, discover existing and new projects/ideas and research, and create interest in EIT Health programs. Our institute provides all the necessary information, help and support. By finding and supporting champions, we have a better chance of organizing trainings/workshops with a larger number of participants. In addition, clinics will be more open to startups, external ideas or strategic partnerships, validation of products and devices, and joint tenders.

Meet our clinical champions: https://itdweb.hu/our-champions/