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The bottom-up approach of our Silver Economy project aims to find solutions to real health problems and needs for the elderly population. The identification of all these ensures the market acceptance of the products and services.

To be able to respond appropriately to health needs and satisfy the real needs of the elderly population, it  is important to assess the health status and quality of life of the target age group. For this purpose, we have put together a questionnaire for Hungarian citizens over 55 years of age. The completion of the questionnaire is anonymous, i.e. we do not collect any personal data or contact information.

If you also belong to the target group, please support our efforts by filling out the questionnaire, which takes no more than 5 minutes.

Our questionnaire is available at the following link (in Hungarian): Health over 55

For those foreigners who relocated to Hungary and spend their retirement in Hungary we also have put together a questionnaire which can be reached on the following link: Satisfaction questionnaire on the Hungarian health care system